I went to Seton Hall University and graduated with a BA in Advertising Art and Design with a minor concentration in Fine Art and Art History. While attending college I was trained in the old method of cut and paste up. The world at that time was in a transition period between old style paste up methods and computer aided design methods. When I left school I fine tuned my computer skills to keep pace with the quickly changing world.

I am not only a desginer but also a fine artist. I have many skills as an artist including Drawing, Portraiture, Cartoons, Logo Reproduction, Signs of any size, Tattoo Designs, Illustrations, Photo Retouching and so much more.

"If you want it done right, Ron is the guy. He strives to give you the website you envision. His work is artistic with attention to details. Money well spent." - Bob Both, Twain Recording
"The guy Rocks... Amazing talent, no attitude, and lots of innovative ideas..." - Scott Decarlo - Singer Songwriter
A Little About Design

Painting and Design are in many ways related and sometimes intertwine themselves together as one. A painting is carefully composed and subjects placed on a canvas to achieve a flow that is pleasing to the eye. Certain strokes executed in just the right place can make all the difference in the world, and so is the same in Page Design. The proper use of type fonts, size and placement along with eye catching graphics is an art.

Something About Art

A free style is most important in my painting because it allows movement to be transferred to canvas with a stroke of the brush. It also enhances my work in my other more rigid style. I start with a feeling and develop concepts to capture it. I like to use figures in my composition. I see them as the ideal way to express a mood. The human figure can be the freest and most powerful display of emotion. I find the perfect pose. I draw it in correct proportion and then I begin painting. Sometimes I go with brush directly to canvas using it as a pencil. Everything is done with long fast strokes of one, two and even three colors on the brush at any given time, remaining free is the key. I work and flow and use the smooth swift strokes to create movement. My paintings are an expression of my inner, deepest emotions. Emotions, that at times I am not even aware of. They are not just paintings but an expression of a feeling. My goal is to capture on canvas the very essence of us all. This is my greatest personal revelation. I wish to share it with the world.
Rockstar Dezines
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